Mobile mapping and parkmanagement

We offer Parkmanagement and Assetmanagement services with high-end 360° Mobile Mapping and ANPR technology.

With ANPR camera’s on both sides of the scan vehicle the number plates of parked vehicles are recognized and the position is accurately mapped with GPS. 
Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle. t's a fast way to collect up-to-date data on a large scale in less time. 

Foto 3Parkmanagement:

  • Real-time license plate recognition
  • Parking occupancy & capacity


  • Detection of traffic signs, lightpoles, etc.
  • Monitoring & inspections

Unique features:

  • ANPR & 360° video integration
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • Automatic object detection
  • CAD/GIS/GEO mapping
  • Multi sensor platform
  • Image analytics