Connection Systems has a large amount of high-end techniques in stock to deploy instantly for all kind of projects and contracts. 

Registration unit (Standalone)

Connection Systems has fully self-engineered technologies that can deal with multiple forms of power supplies in the public areas in order to decrease or eliminate the dependency of power.

  • The units can be connected to 230V power supply, light pole power supply. When no external power is available, the units can provide in its own power generation. In the last case, the units use an integrated and intelligent Hybrid power generation system (diesel / fuel cell) to charge the batteries, which can operate for a longer period (several weeks) without human intervention. The connection of solar and wind energy systems are possible.

  • This system acts as an "uninterruptible power supply" (UPS) to cover possible occurring incremental power failure.

  • All the deployed techniques like cameras are designed so that they can operate on batteries.

  • The Registration unit has on-board sensors for monitoring various critical parts and has remote control.

  • The robust construction ensures tamper resistance.

Video camera

We use a wide range of high quality HD video camera systems for e.g. video surveillance, recording and analysis. Video is used for video surveillance, streaming, recording and analysis. Connection Systems has a large stock (> 500 cameras) on different types of video cameras.


Different types of high-end (HD) radar technologies are used for speed measurements and vehicle classifications. 

ANPR/ADR camera

Connection Systems uses different types of partly self-customized state-of-the-art ALPR and ADR Infrared camera techniques with > 2 Megapixels resolution. Depending on the project, requirements, location and other criteria we choose the right configuration.


The Connection Systems developed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning technologies are deployed in order to scan Mac-addresses of Mobile (smart)phones and vehicle car kits for multiple purposes like track-trace, waiting/travel time and intensities.


Integrated traffic measurement system is based on SICK laser measurement technology, designed for multi-lane/wide-range applications such as traffic classification, but also for people counting.

LED boards

Connection Systems delivers customized LED boards and signs for information purposes for e.g. traffic, law enforcement and crowd management.